Diana Marafioti

Diana Marafioti Christine Firehock Motorcycle mother daughter<br />

May 1940 – September 2004

Diana Marafioti teaching Ralph Lauren

achievements, Contributions

Founder of the American Motorcycle Driving School, Inc. in 1986 offering private motorcycle lessons to Novice, and rider up-dates to self taught Riders.

  • MSF Instructor of the MRC, BRC and ERC for 20 consecutive years.
  • Past President of “Lost Wheels” Motorcycle Club, inducted as a Life Long Honorary Member for her outstanding, long time commitment to the club and community.
  • In 1978 and 1980 received AMA Achievement Award for her work and involvement as the President of Lost Wheels Club.
  • May 2004 received AMA MVP AWARD for her contribution to the motorcycle community.
  • Certified and taught the 5-Hour Defensive Driving Courses for the National Safety Council on effort to educate car drivers to motorcyclist special challenges in traffic.
  • Holds a New York State Commercial Drivers License including Tractor Trailer, Hazard Material and Air Brakes.
  • Certified Trainer for the National Safety Council Professional Truck Driver DDC.
  • First to bring Rider Education to Dutchess County, NY by joining and participating as a business woman in our local chapter of the Chambers of Commerce.
  • Attended and awarded by N.Y.S. DOT, Road and Safety Seminars.

  • Instrumental in negotiating and introducing the MSF and MRC to West Point.
  • First person to start and teach the MSF, ERC to Dutchess Community College in the mid 80’s.
  • Fox After Breakfast feature as a “Motorcycle Instructor/Grandmother”.
  • ABC-Eye Witness News segment feature promoting her role and service to the motorcycle community.
  • CBS-Inside Edition feature promoting rider education.
  • National Magazine, American Rider named Diana as 1 of 10 Motorcycle Diva’s for her long standing commitment to motorcycle safety.
  • Diana’s School has offered license to students from New York City, Albany, Port Jarvis, and Connecticut, a total range of 800 miles.
  • POLO’s Ralph Lauren, his wife and son were Diana’s most famous students.
  • Look for her in the Feb 2012 Issue of Worth Magazine as listed as “Best Private Motorcycle Lesson Money Can Buy”.
  • Christine  was featured in Forbes Magazine- June 2011 Issue as the “Ducati VIP Instructor”.
  • Over 26 years of speaking experience including the 2007 AMA Congress Award Dinner, “How the AMA has had such a positive affect on my life and riding career” since 1980.
  • Christine’s Mother, Diana L. Marafioti was the first female President of Lost Wheels MC (a co-ed club).
  • Diana L. Marafioti awarded the AMA MVP “For more than 20 years of devotion and commitment to new motorcyclists, their safety their personal needs, and their dreams” , as owner/operator of the American Motorcycle Driving School, Inc.
  • Organized many “Motorcycle Safety Rodeo’s” to introduce the motorcycle community to the need and availability of Rider Education Courses.
  • Lent her talent and guidance to Women in the Wind Motorcycle Club and Gay Motorcycle Rallies in NY to promote rider education.
  • Attended countless motorcycle club meetings as guest speaker to teach and discuss safe group and passenger riding technique’s and formations.
  • Long time member and supporter of our local ABATE and AMA chapters. She introduced and emphasized the importance of these organizations to all her students and new motorcycle clubs.
  • Personally trained, inspired and encouraged more than a dozen new riders to go on to become MSF Instructors who to open their own Driving Schools and MSF sites.
  • Helped Stewart Air Force Military Base offer the MRC at their base in Upstate NY.
  • Appears in the book “Living & Riding Free-Biker Lady” promoting motorcycle education.
  • Interviewed by New York’s top Newspapers introducing Rider Safety Issues.
  • Original USA Instructor of ATV’s early 1980’s.
  • Spent years introducing and initiating relationships with Motorcycle Dealerships for referrals and promotions, offering Rider Education for the MSF and her private school.
  • Instrumental in setting up the Lost Wheel Poker Run and donated some of the proceeds to the Leukemia Society.
  • Diana’s commitment to safety includes A New York State certified Pyrotechnical Certificate.


“I consider myself a seasoned rider with 40 continuous years of experience. I have been a motorcycle rider trainer since 1986. You’ve heard that ‘practice makes perfect.’ In reality, ‘practice make permanent.'”

Leonard A. Sclafani, Esq.

“To find a better ambassador for the sport of motorcycling would not be possible. That she and her mom, whose legacy as a rider and advocate for the sport Christine carries on, deserve, both, to be inducted in the AMA’s Hall of Fame should be a given. If not them, who should be?”

Nancy Mayer

“In 2011 I opened Sharp Rider Motorcycle Training – the first Total Control ARC in Ontario. Christine and her team at American Motorcycle School have been amazing in providing guidance, inspiration, and support to make our school extremely successful. She is an amazing storyteller. The history, passion, and knowledge that she brings is a blessing for everyone.”

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