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Kickstart Motorcycle Training Series

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Our Mission

Our Mission at KickSTART Motorcycle Training Series (KMTS) is to help save life, limb, time & money citing proven tactical rider training. KMTS arms riders with knowledge and skills to minimize injuries & prevent collisions.

The KickSTART Motorcycle Training Series

The KMTS Method utilizes our unique 7 Principals to Rider Survival™ to deliver the most advanced and comprehensive Tactical Rider Training for Strategic Defense™ for road worthy riders. Our motorcycle arsenal provides repetitive drills of proven safe riding skills, while promoting rider responsibility and confident execution to arrive alive.

KMTS 7 Principals to Rider Survival™

  1. Skillful Foundation
  2. Rider Respect & Responsibility
  3. Strategic Defense, KickSTART MTS “Mental Armor”™
  4. Tactical Training, KickSTART MTS “Rider Armor”™
  5. Confident Execution
  6. Prevent & Protect
  7. Mentor & Advance

The Basics that Every Motorcyclists Needs to Know

The KickSTART MTS DVD Series, is the foundation of our programs. Novice and intermediate riders don’t get trained at KickSTART MTS without doing the KickSTART MTS DVD series first. It lays the groundwork to motorcycle operation in a simple step-by-step guide. If you are interested in training with us, order your KickSTART MTS DVDs here.

KickSTART MTS works closely with students to identify what they need to get safely down the road. Over many years, their fears, failures and feedback have influenced our curriculum. Combined with National Safety Data & research, manufactures improvements & designs, and supported by their lifelong dedication to Traffic & Driver/Rider Safety KMST ensure a comprehensive, efficient and systematic method of learning in a safe and fun environment.

Adapting to the Changing Demands of Riders and Regulations

We are constantly upgrading the KickSTART MTS Program to adapt to the changing demands of riders and regulations. At KickSTART MTS we are committed to achieve outstanding results in hopes that we contribute to saving more lives. Thousands of students have participated in the KickSTART MTS programs. Are you ready to be the next one?


“I consider myself a seasoned rider with 40 continuous years of experience. I have been a motorcycle rider trainer since 1986. You’ve heard that ‘practice makes perfect.’ In reality, ‘practice make permanent.'”

Leonard A. Sclafani, Esq.

“To find a better ambassador for the sport of motorcycling would not be possible. That she and her mom, whose legacy as a rider and advocate for the sport Christine carries on, deserve, both, to be inducted in the AMA’s Hall of Fame should be a given. If not them, who should be?”

Nancy Mayer

“In 2011 I opened Sharp Rider Motorcycle Training – the first Total Control ARC in Ontario. Christine and her team at American Motorcycle School have been amazing in providing guidance, inspiration, and support to make our school extremely successful. She is an amazing storyteller. The history, passion, and knowledge that she brings is a blessing for everyone.”

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