DVD: KickSTART Motorcycle Training Series


This DVD is the basis of all KickSTART Training. Anyone taking a private or 1:1 course with us is required to purchase and view these lessons in their entirety. Purchase and watch the entire DVD. Practice as much and as often as you can.



KickSTART Motorcycle Training Series DVD

We have gathered decades of experience, expertise and student feedback to create this step-by-step guide. It’s more than a starters manual. It’s a review of everything you need to know, or may have forgotten, about riding a motorcycle. It’s full of easy-to-follow instructions about motorcycle basic functions, techniques for safe riding and troubleshooting common challenges.

These lessons are specifically for first time riders, novice to intermediate riders. It also covers the basic requirements for those enrolled in a Rider Education Course.

This 2-hour interactive motorcycle training DVD does the following:

  • Demonstrates KickSTART’s unique teaching and riding techniques.
  • Introduces the main controls of the motorcycle.
  • Shows basic riding techniques and proper negotiation of a motorcycle.
  • Teaches how to work the clutch, change gears, start out smoothly and stop.
  • Demonstrates cause and effect of operating a motorcycle.
  • Provides troubleshooting tips for common problem areas in learning.
  • Shows the three ways to change direction on a motorcycle,
  • Demonstrates safely making a turn from a stop in traffic while staying in your own lane.
  • Guides you through the practice of safe and efficient braking strategies.
  • Talks about how to handle emergency riding situations.
  • Troubleshoots key accident prevention situations like:
    • Quick stops while riding in a straight line
    • Leaning in a turn
    • Swerving around and surmounting road-surface hazards
    • Controlling a rear wheel skid.
  • Teaches motorcycle skills for your Road Test and how to apply.

This is one of the most comprehensive motorcycle training guides available. In addition to all of the above, it helps you evaluate your problem areas so you can correct your skills before they become bad habits. It comes complete with 123 highly-detailed color motorcycle training photos, 40 practice set-up diagrams and 30 parking lot riding exercises. Including set-ups for necessary riding skills and maneuvers required to pass your motorcycle operator driver’s license in most states.

DVD Chapter Screenshots

  • Chapter 1 – Gear Up, Mounting and Dismounting, Learning the Controls
  • Chapter 2 – Demo: Steering and Leaning, Starting the Engine, Pivotal Point, Turning the Motorcycle
  • Chapter 3 – Riding Position and Brakes, Straight Line Ride in 1st Gear, Duck Walk, Friction Zone, “Elvis” Large Ovals, Uplift to 2nd Gear, Straight Line Ride in 2nd Gear
  • Chapter 4 – 2nd Gear Come Weave, Slow Ride, S-turn, Fane Positioning, L-turns, Braking
  • Chapter 5 – Review Lane Positioning, Turning from a Stop, Lane Changes, L-Turns From 2nd Gear
  • Chapter 6 – Starting and Stopping on a Hill, Advanced Techniques

Only $30 – Purchase and watch the entire DVD. Practice as much and as often as you can.


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